Pittsfield Listens Theory of Change

Pittsfield Listens supports historically marginalized youth and adult leaders through education, training, and participatory leadership development so that students succeed in the Pittsfield schools and beyond. We do this through our member-led organizing committees, as an effective means to create the change we wish to see in our communities- locally and beyond.

We embrace the phrase- Nothing about us, without us.  This says that the people most affected by a problem are in the best position to determine the solutions. Therefore, leadership development is an essential component of community change work and healthy, thriving civic life.  

Long-term sustainable change occurs when underlying systemic issues are understood and addressed. This means we talk directly and explicitly about identity–race, class, sexuality, gender- and the relationship between identity and power. In this, we support youth and adults with the vocabulary and space to explore these complex issues and help change the structures that create inequality by bringing to light those systems of oppression that we have normalized and made invisible.

True change also occurs through authentic partnerships.  Pittsfield Listens works to deepen relationships across local, state and regional partnerships with youth and parent organizing groups, so that historically marginalized people are engaged in transforming culture and policy in New England, grounded in the values of community, equity, justice, and love.

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