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At Pittsfield Listens we engage a broad range of volunteers from high school students to community members and professions with skills in research, community organizing, technology and more. If you believe in this work and would like to join the team, please drop us a line and remember to include your interests and availability.


Join our Facilitator Team
Are you interested in serving as a small group facilitator? Do you want to learn skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard? Would you like to connect with others who are invested in proactive problem solving? Become a facilitator! The work of public engagement and deliberative dialogue is only as strong as its facilitators. Pittsfield Listens faciltiators are trained with NH Listens, and build experience by participaing in dialogues, serving as a recorder and co-facilitating a group. Anyone is welcome to become trained as a NH Listens facilitator. Upon completing a training, you have the opportunity to join a network of facilitators helping to assit in local, regional and statewide dialogues. We generally offer a small stipend to facilitators for community dialogues hosted by Pittsfield Listens.

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Join a Working Group

  • Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Working Group: FACE encourages the power of parent, family, and community voice on issues and policies in the Pittsfield, NH School District. Supporting student achievement and school improvement through a Family School Partnership. Working Group membership includes parents, family members, non-parent community members, and past graduates of the Pittsfield Middle High School.
  • Pittsfield Youth Voice in It Together (PYViiT): Encourages the power of youth voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life in the town of Pittsfield, NH. PYViiT is a committee and partner with Pittsfield Listens and the Pittsfield Youth Workshop; membership includes Pittsfield high school aged youth.
  • Civic Engagement Working Group: The Civiv Engagement Working Group seeks to boost Pittsfield’s civic health. Since 2011, we have operated to bring residents together in informal ways to strengthen social networks, support community conversations using small group facilitated process of engagement, strengthen the effectiveness of residents as participants in governance by supporting easy access to information and decision makers, and support the development of youth and adults to step up to new levels of leadership in the community in its schools. Examples of Pittsfield Listens Community Building projects are the Community Impact Awards, Candidates Night, and Round Table not Podiums community conversations.