Host a Youth-Led Workshop with Pittsfield Listens

Youth Leaders with Pittsfield Listens are trained facilitators, lending their skills to support small-group dialogues and to design and lead trainings and workshops. The workshops are participatory and draw on a popular education style, which honors facilitators and participants both as co-learners and experts to critically reflect on issues and themes that surface. At the heart of these workshops is the support of participants in developing a lens around equity, intersectionality and vulnerability.  Workshops are offered for a range of participants, including youth, adult, and in intergenerational spaces. 

While the content of each workshop varies, each one begins with group introductions, group agreements, an activity overview, and then closes with a debrief.  Workshops run between 90-120 minutes, as well as half-day trainings. Generally, workshops require 2-3 Youth Facilitators, with the exception of School Build which requires a minimum of 5 Facilitators.

Example Workshops Offered

  • Social Location Space – An interactive exhibit of an installation of images for a dynamic learning space about power, structural location, and social transformation.  This space invites participants to explore  together about effective approaches to learning and dialoguing about structural oppression, intersectionality, and vulnerability. It seeks to raise awareness of these complex issues and help change the structures that create inequality by bringing to light those systems of oppression that we have normalized and made invisible.
    • Youth Leaders were first introduced to this concept at the Youth Leadership Institute in 2015 and since then, they have modified, developed, and grown the space and approach to sharing it.
  • School Build – An experience where participants work in small groups to build a school, though each group experiences varying number of and access to resources to build their community’s school.  Through the activity, participants build awareness about the difference between equality and equity in the way our schools are funded, and what we can do to address it in our communities.
    • Youth Leaders have led this workshop for School Board Members, School Teachers and Staff, fellow students, and community members. It is core in their youth-led campaign to build which works to build awareness on inequities of school funding, support student voice on school budget decision making processes, support student representation on the School Board, and build equitable funding for NH’s schools, with increased funding for schools in working class and poor communities ( a longer term goal). Youth Leaders were first introduced to this concept at the Youth Leadership Institute in 2017 and have continued to modify and develop it.
  • Strengthen Our Movement: Deep Listening and Vulnerability A participatory workshop to build skills in active listening through storytelling, with a focus on stereotypes that impact ourselves and others. Together, participants build an understanding of their own lenses, stereotypes, and assumptions and how those get applied to their community and its schools. This reflects on how we respond as change-makers in our communities. Designed by Youth Leaders with PYViiT.
  • Building Authentic Youth-Adult Partnership- A powerful workshop to examine participants’ own and others’ attitudes about youth participation in different aspects of working with young people. This workshop explores themes on adultism, to unpack the messages from society and how those messages have been internalized in order to find different ways to authentically include young people in all parts of society. Adopted from a workshop designed by Youth Force in 1980.


We work on a sliding scale fee to make this opportunity accessible to a variety of groups budgets.  To best support this opportunity, we consider the following costs associated to make it happen:

    • Youth Leader Stipends:   We support Youth Leadership, and as part, we believe in paying Youth Leaders for their expertise and time.  Stipends go to support Youth Leaders who lead the workshop, they each will receive a stipend doe the design, planning and day of facilitation.  Note: Pittsfield Listens will administer checks to the Youth Leaders
      • Total: $75-150 per Youth Leader, contingent on workshop, length, and travel involved.
    • Organizational Fee: To design, deliver, and coordinate the logistics of the workshop with Youth Leaders, and provide day of support to the Youth facilitation team.
      • Total:  $500-3500 sliding scale. We negotiate when necessary to make sure our work is accessible to programs with fewer resources.
        • Our full rate which covers true costs is $3500.
        • $2000 is the minimum what it takes to offer the workshop.
        • $500 is for groups with low budgets. This is supplemented by Pittsfield Listens, which is funded through a mix of grassroots donors and grants.
    • Travel Reimbursement 
    • Supplies for the Workshop

Interested to host a workshop? 

Contact us! Our team of Youth Leaders and staff can come to your community, school, organization or group. We can explore the range of workshops we offer and prices involved, and see what best fits for your desired learning experience.  

We look forward to collaborating with you!

For a PDF version of the Youth-Led Workshops with Pittsfield Listens Explainer, download it here