Pittsfield Listens welcomes new staff! 2019

Pittsfield Listens is thrilled to welcome new staff to the team:

*Amanda Pawlik- Youth Organizer.  As an artist and educator, Amanda brings a passion for exploring stories from many perspectives and giving voice to those who need it most. 

*Katie Nikas- Parent Organizer. Katie brings her experience as a Pittsfield community member, Parent, and as a Parent Leader with the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Team of Pittsfield Listens.  

*Jenny Wellington- Support Staff!  You may know Jenny as the former English teacher at Pittsfield Middle High School, and a close partner to Pittsfield Listens. We are thrilled to have Jenny join us in building capacity and supporting program efforts with Pittsfield Listens.

Learn more about the Pittsfield Listens Staff Team here