About Pittsfield Listens

Pittsfield Listens encourages the power of youth, parent, family, and community voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life, with a specific focus on engaging those who have historically been underrepresented. We support emerging youth and adult leaders through education, training, and participatory leadership development so that youth succeed in the Pittsfield schools and beyond.

All members of the Pittsfield community are empowered and engaged to help shape the future of the rural town we love. Working together to make Pittsfield a great place for everyone to live, learn, work, and play. Roundtables, Not Podiums

Pittsfield Listens is the lead community partner of the Pittsfield School District as part of the District-Level Systems Change initiative, which supports a shift in the education to prepare students to thrive in a global, complex, and fast-changing society. We work in partnership with NH Listens at the Carsey Institute of the University of New Hampshire.

Learn more about our youth and parent/family organizing here.