Civic Engagement Committee

Our aim is to help Pittsfield residents talk and work together to create a community that works for everyone. We are committed to impartiality in our aim of creating and sustaining a fair process for public engagement. We partner with public officials, organizations, and leaders in all sectors to gather broad input that can lead to improved practice and policy. Together, the Civic Engagement Committee works to:

  1. Build Civic Community. Bring residents together in informal ways to strengthen social networks, connect people who don’t normally gather in the same venues, and spark discussions that could lead to more formal and sustained conversations. Focus is on celebration and relationship building. Ex: Pittsfield Community Impact Awards;
  2. Increase civic understanding/information. In order to strengthen their effectiveness as participants in governance, residents need easy access to information and decision makers. With that goal, we host events like Roundtables, Not Podiums Meetings and Meet the Candidates Night.
  3. Problem Solve through Community Dialogue. When the community is stuck on a particular issue, highly divided on a topic, or wants to create long-range visions of a preferred future, we support community conversations using a small-group facilitated process of engagement and in partnership with a local area group. Topics for these community conversations have ranged, including: Strong Schools Strong Community in 2011, When Opportunity Stops Knocking: NH’s kids and the American Dream in 2015; Schools Can’t Do it Alone: The Role of the Pittsfield Community and School in Supporting Student Centered Learning 2014; Strengthening Our Community: Facing Heroin and Substance Use
  4. Develop Civic Leadership Capacity through facilitator training and development.