Pittsfield Youth Voice in it Together Committee

Pittsfield Youth Voice in it Together (PYViiT) encourages the power of youth voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life in the town of Pittsfield, NH.  Since 2013, PYViiT has worked to shift the current power dynamics in the community and its schools.  PYViiT leaders have learned about community organizing models, conducted peer research within their schools to identify major issues students care about, worked within their school and town to build relationships and explore collaboration with other youth led groups, and participated in leadership development opportunities and trainings.

Currently, PYViiT leaders are working on four main goal areas:

  •  Expand PYViiT from a youth leadership model to a youth organizing model.
  •  Develop and expand action on PYViiT priority issues through a youth organizing campaign.
  •  Amplify Student Voice & Leadership on social location- exploring dynamics of power and oppression.
  • Engage in local and regional efforts to build the movement for SCL.

PYViiT works to ensure participating youth:

  • Are connected and empowered within and outside their local community.
  • Are supported with a network of adult allies.
  • Gain skills in facilitating, organizing, communication, critical inquiry, and empathy.
  • Explore issues within their community and its school and strategies for addressing them.
  • Engage in issues of equity, power, and oppression.
  • Have fun.